Alderley Edge

The Artists Lane Treasure

{Artist Lane Gold ingot}

This site is about the gold finds of a decade ring,Pendant,and Ingot on top of the earth bank at Artists Lane, Alderley Edge, UK on the 28th February 1993.

The search of Artists Lane for Treasure was prompted by the find of a Gold bar in the Artists Lane area in 1992

The site has nothing to do with the other Gold bar finds at Alderley Edge,although the ingot is as the same desigh as the Gold bars from Alderley.

The Gold objects were found just after the gold bar was made public in the press in 1993, the fnds were made by two people of the Chester search group, metal detecting

This is Artists Lane looking towards the Wizard Public House, the three gold objects where found in the bank on the right six foot to the right of the second tree... one foot deep in the ground.

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{Artists Lane}

The finds are...

1 Ingot.. 1 Pendant with Loop.. 1 Decade ring

INGOT..Gold..shape..axe head or chisel gold alloy solid...assay just under 18ct..weight of ingot 55grms.. markings on ingot not known green patina on ingot with being buried with copper object now just stain in ground.

Alderley Gold ingot

1 PENDANT.. Gold..cresent shape with loop..tested as 18ct gold.. green patina..buried with copper object.. same as ingot weight of pendent 13.4grms

Alderley Gold pendant

1 DECARD RING..Gold just under 18ct weight of ring 13grms Decade rings were used the same way as rosaries, in Tudor Britain it was illegal to own Catholic rosaries but Tudor legislation against popish practices does not mention decard rings . It is very rare to find a Gold decade ring as most of them are silver or base metal, Liverpool museum has the best collection of decade rings in the UK.

Alderley Gold Decade ring

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